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10 - VBOX II Digital and analogue outputs

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The outputs on connectors OUT1 and OUT2 can be used either as frequency/pulse digital outputs or as analogue outputs that can be configured to represent any of the following parameters:

  • Velocity
  • Longitudinal Acceleration
  • Lateral Acceleration
  • Slip Angle*
  • Pitch Angle*
  • Roll Angle* 


* SL units only


For digital outputs, the scale and maximum output values can be adjusted using the VBOXTools software or via the front panel controls. For velocity, these are controlled by setting the maximum velocity and the pulses per metre. For the other parameters, the scale and maximum are controlled by setting the maximum frequency and the angle or acceleration value to which this relates. Please note that the digital outputs do not show the direction of angles and accelerations, only their magnitudes. Therefore “negative” angles or accelerations will be shown in the same way as their positive equivalents.


For analogue outputs, the values relating to the maximum voltage (+5V) and minimum voltage (0 for Velocity, –5V for all other channels) can be set, either via the front panel or using the VBOXTools software. The negative voltage capability of the analogue outputs allows the direction of angles and accelerations to be output.











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