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04 - VBOX IISX Single antenna placement

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The GPS Antennas supplied with the VB2SX are 3.5v active antennas. For the best possible signal quality, it is important to maintain a clean connection between the antennas and the VBOX. Before fixing the antennas to the VBOX, ensure that there are no dust particles in either connector. Replacement antennas are available by contacting your VBOX distributor.


The antenna is a magnetic mounting type for quick and simple mounting to the vehicle roof. For optimum GPS signal reception, make sure that the antenna is fitted to the highest point of the vehicle away from any obstructions that may block satellite reception. The GPS antenna works best with a metal ground plane underneath (eg. Vehicle roof).

Please also note that when using any GPS equipment, a clear sky view is important. Objects in the surrounding area such as tall buildings or trees can block the GPS signal causing a reduction in the number of satellites being tracked, or introducing reflected signals that can decrease the accuracy of the system.




GPS antennas require a ground plane to operate correctly. Usually, the metal roof of a vehicle performs this function. However, if a test requires an antenna to be placed off of the vehicle, then a special Ground Plane ‘mushroom-style’ antenna must replace the off-vehicle antenna, as these antennas are capable of operating without a ground plane.  The Ground Plane ‘mushroom’ style antennas RLVBACS065 are available from your VBOX distributor.



RLVBACS065 'mushroom' type Ground Plane Antenna

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