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VB3i V3-V5 Additional IMU04 Channels


IMU Attitude

When using IMU04 integration with a VB3i-V3, there are three IMU attitude channels which can be logged. These body angle channels are heading, pitch and roll calculated from IMU derived data.

IMU attitude channels.png

VBOX Tools view

VBOX Setup view


RMS Channels

These four channels are for diagnostic purposes only and cannot be turned on or off. They show the noise which is present on the vertical and horizontal speed channels, as calculated by the VB3i GPS engine.
The RMS (root mean square) channels which will be logged are listed below.

RMS_HPOS        RMS_VPOS         RMS_HVEL         RMS_VVEL

T1 channel

Internal debug channel logged when IMU Filter is running.