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VB3i VBOX Setup 1 - General

Table of contents


  1. Connection – Selected com port, refresh and disconnect buttons.
  2. Configuration/ Channel usage – Load/Save settings from/into an .rcf file, allowing setups to be kept for future use. View log, serial and CAN channel usage.
  3. VBOX Information – Serial number and installed firmware version of connected unit, software version.
  4. Time (snapshot) – Syncs the VB3i time to match the PC time, used for the top line of a vbo, to show the time and date when the file was created.
  5. Write to unit – After making changes to setup, the write to unit button must be selected to upload settings.
  6. Language – Select an operating language.
  7. Units – Select Distance units (m, ft, km, mi, nmi), Speed units (km/h, mph, kts, m/s, ft/s) and Acceleration units (g, m/s², ft/s²).
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