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NTRIP - Android Bluetooth Connection

Using NTRIP with a Bluetooth connection between an Android device to a VBOX3iSLR

The following instructions assume a working Internet Connection.


  • NTRIP subscription
  • NTRIP Client Application
  • Android Device
  • Bluetooth Module RLVBBT01


  • VBOX Manager
  • CAN Splitter RLVBACS024

Hardware configuration


PC Bluetooth configuration

Connect the Bluetooth Module RLVBBT01 to the VBOX CAN port using a splitter if necessary as shown above.

In the Android device go to the Bluetooth settings and pair with the RLVBBT01.

VBOX configuration

The VBOX must have the correct DGPS mode enabled in VBOX Tools or VBOX Manager before it is capable of receiving and using the DGPS correction information transmitted by the Network RTK Service Provider.


  • Run the latest VBOXTools software
  • Enter the VBOX setup screen and go to the GPS page
  • Click on the DGPS button and select 2CM (TOPNET) from the available options
  • Select 115200 in the available options for the RS232 Baud Rate
  • Close the VBOX setup screen


  • Use VBOX Manager
  • Enter Setup Menu and go to VBOX
  • Enter DGPS MODE and select 2CM (TOPNET) from the available options
  • Select BACK
  • Enter DGPS RS232 Rate and select 115200
  • Exit out of Setup Menu

Run NTRIP Client Application

Download and run the NTRIP client application on the Android device from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lefebure.ntripclient

NTRIP Client Application Configuration

Click the Settings button which is the Gear symbol in the top right hand corner.



Select Receiver Settings then the Receiver Connection to be External via Bluetooth and select the VBBT01 as the Bluetooth Device as shown below.



Click NTRIP Settings



Set the network protocol as NTRIP V1.0.

Set the Caster IP to the NTRIP server IP address. The settings shown above are correct for the UK but if you are unsure of the NTRIP settings for your country, please take a look here:  How to find the TopNET Live server address

Set the Caster Port to the value noted above.

Set the username and password to your NTRIP settings.

Go Back and Click the Connect button on the main screen.

This will have downloaded the NTRIP Stream Source Table. Select RTK_RTCM3 from the list and click Connect button again.

The app should report it is connected to the server.



After about 5 seconds, the DIFF LED on the VBOX should be solid green which indicates that DGPS corrections are being received.

How to find the TopNET Live server address

If you have not been given the NTRIP Caster Settings, you can install the TopNET live mobile application here and search for them.



  • Click on the key symbol in the top right and enter your TopNET subscription Username and Password.
  • Once logged in click on the network information box at the top.
  • Make a note of the server IP address and port number. (Currently and 2101 are correct for the UK)
  • Exit and close the TopNET live Mobile app.
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