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How to Print a User Manual

How to Print a PDF


All articles with the Racelogic Support Centre can be downloaded as Adobe PDF files and printed out for future reference. 

Printing a full user manual

To print a full user manual, navigate or search for the specific product you need information on. In this example, we are looking at the VBOX 3i manual.


Either search for 'VBOX 3i' or navigate to the page via VBOX Automotive > VBOX Data loggers > VBOX 3i Range


When you reach the product level section, select the 'User Manual' option, as shown below.



This will open up the VBOX 3i User manual. Articles can be clicked on and viewed individually, or, to simply print the entire manual, click on the link at the top of the page - as shown in the image below.



Clicking on this link will generate a PDF book of all VBOX 3i articles. This can be printed or downloaded and saved to your PC.


Printing a single article

This can only be done when viewing the article of interest. Select the 'PDF' icon to the top right of the article you wish to download.



In the window that appears, select 'Click here to download the exported PDF'



The article will then be generated as a PDF which can be printed or downloaded and saved to your PC


Creating your own PDF book

Using the same method as above, click on the PDF icon when viewing an article of interest. 

In the window that appears, select 'Click here to create a book containing this page'. 



This will take you to the 'Book Editor'. Here, pages of interest can be selected and then added to your custom book by pressing 'Add to book' after the desired article has been highlighted. In the example below, the 'VB3i - Introduction' article has just been added.



To add a whole section, like an entire manual or quick start guide, select the folder you wish to add and press, 'Add Tree'. 




When you have added all the articles you want to include, press the 'View book' button to generate the PDF. 

Note: We recommend including a table of contents too!


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