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How do I upgrade VBOX modules?

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Download the latest ‘.ruf’ firmware file from the VBOX Support/Downloads & Updates on the VBOX Automotive website.

Also ensure that you have the latest VBOX Upgrader Software, also available on the website.


1. Connect the serial cable, RLVBCAB01, from the PC direct to the serial socket of the module. The module must also be connected to power, either through a VBOX via the CAN lead, or directly from a 12 V power source. 

2. Either double click on the ‘.ruf’ upgrade file, or run the VBOX Upgrader software and load in the ‘.ruf’ file.

3. Then follow the onscreen instructions and the module firmware will be upgraded. At the end of the process power down the module when prompted, before further use.

4. During the upgrade process an upgrade log file will have been created.


More information can be found in product specific manuals. Click here to go locate the user guide for individual Racelogic Modules.

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