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Contact Racelogic Support - Questions? Please raise a ticket with our support team. 

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Racelogic Websites

Useful links to our different company websites can be found below. 


VBOX Automotive website - VBOX3i, IMU, Modules, Telemetry Systems, Displays, Speed Sensors. Used in applications such as ADAS testing, brake testing, performance testing and handling and dynamics. 


VBOX Motorsport website -  VBOX Video HD2, Video VBOX, VBOX Sport, VBOX Laptimer, Performance Box, Drift Box. Used in applications such as track events and circuit testing, providing advanced driving techniques and predictive lap timing. 

This site also includes an online store to purchase Motorsport products. 


LabSat website - GPS Simulators - LabSat 3 Wideband, LabSat 3, LabSat 1 & 2, LabSat Turntable Simulator, SatGen Software. Used to test GPS devices in an office location, removing the need to take equipment out testing. 


VBOX Mining website - VBOX HD Mining System, Video VBOX Pro Mining System, VBOX Micro Mining System, VBOX IISX Brake Test System, IMU. Solutions to reduce tyre, fuel and maintenance costs for mining vehicles.


Racelogic website - Information on other products such as Touchlock, Traction Control and CAN Tran. Also provides details of the companies history and staff, as well as listing all current Career Opportunities. 

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