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RACELOGIC Support Centre

Getting Started

Installing Circuit Tools macOS

To install Circuit Tools macOS, first download the latest version of the application bundle from the Racelogic Motorsport software downloads page, then drag and drop the bundle file into your applications folder.

Supported macOS devices

Circuit Tools macOS will run on any Apple device with OS X version 10.11 or later installed. However, the software is recommended to be used on the latest OS and latest apple hardware, as this provides superior processing power. Performance may be limited on older variants.

Copying files from an SD Card

To copy files from an SD card, first click on the ‘SD Card’ icon towards the top left of the screen.

The copy dialogue will open as below:


The SD card will be detected and the track will be identified automatically. The copy process will create a folder for this date and session. At this point you can rename the session to something suitable (eg. ‘Qualifying’).

Click the ‘Copy’ button to copy files across and leave them on the SD card, or alternatively click  ‘Move’ to move the files across from the SD card.

After the copy has completed, the destination folder with the copied files will open. 

Opening a File

The ‘open’ button towards the top left of the screen allows a file to be loaded.

As a file is loaded, the circuit is detected from a database of over 400 worldwide tracks using the GPS position contained within the data. If there are multiple layouts for that circuit, lap length is used to identify the correct layout.

Only circuits that are present in the database are supported. It is not possible to define custom circuits at this time.

It is not currently possible to load files that do not contain a complete lap and a single start / finish line. Hill climbs and other point to point files therefore cannot be loaded in this version.

Screen Layout

screen_layout (1).png

The application comprises of lap, map, video and graph panes. It is possible to show, hide and resize each pane as desired.

The following shortcut keys allow the screen layout to be customised quickly.

Slide left/right Command + left/right arrow
Slide up/down Command + up/down arrow

The ‘Reset Layout’ toolbar button can be used to reset to the default screen layout.

Laps Pane

The Laps pane shows a list of laps for the selected session, along with the lap time and split times for each session.

The fastest lap for each session has bold white text. The faster-selected lap number is highlighted green, whilst the slower selected lap number is highlighted red.

laps_pane_with_captions (1).png

Split times have green or red text to show if faster or slower than the best lap. Magenta text signifies the best split/lap time across all open sessions.

The ‘ideal’ lap combines the fastest splits for the current session, whilst the ‘best’ lap is the best lap for any open session.


The graph allows channel data for the selected laps to be compared. Channel values are shown for the graph cursor position.


Up to 3 channels can be selected at any one time. 

Just above the graph, a coloured bar shows where each split is in relation to the graph data. Clicking on a split will zoom the chart to that split.

It is possible to zoom to a specific part of the graph by left-clicking and dragging over the target area on the split bar.

To show the whole session, click settings then change the display mode to ‘whole’.

The selected channels can be changed using the ‘select channels’ button.

Magic Mouse: Single finger swipe up/down

Standard mouse: Wheel

Keyboard: Up and down arrow keys


Keyboard: left and right arrow keys.

Magic Mouse: Single finger swipe left/right

Trackpad: Swipe with two fingers left/right.

Standard mouse: Left click and drag.


Two laps can be compared. A video for each selected lap is shown.

The faster lap video has a green border whilst the slower lap video has a red border.


video_panes (1).png


Playback control buttons on the toolbar allow play, pause, step backwards and step forwards.
Click the ‘expand’ button to show full screen video.
Click the 'export lap' button to save the single selected lap  
Playback speed can be changed.
Play / Pause Playback can be started/paused by pressing spacebar or single-clicking on a video.

The Magic Mouse / trackpad can be used to move playback forwards or backwards in small increments by using a single finger or two finger swipe respectively.

Keyboard: left/right arrow keys step forward or backward in larger increments.

Note that video playback is automatically synced with the graph cursor position.


Thumbnails are shown above the graph and allow interesting parts of a lap to be identified quickly, such as when another vehicle is just ahead. Each thumbnail image is for the part of the graph level with the left side of the thumbnail.

Thumbnails can be hidden using the show/hide thumbnails button.


The map pane shows both the circuit overlay and the line taken by the selected lap(s).

There are a series of buttons and other operations as shown below.


Expand the lap view
Ensure that the whole track is visible (best-fit)
Keep the map view centred on vehicle position
Toggle coloured sectors on the track
Show available track layouts
More – other options including moving the start/finish line.

Left-click and drag to draw a box around the target area.

To reset zoom, left-click and drag from right to left.

Keyboard: down and up arrow keys

Magic mouse: single-finger swipe

Trackpad: two-finger swipe